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11/25/2014News Releases

EXEDY DYNAX Europe is making new investments in order to increase their production capabilities

On November 19th, 2014, EXEDY DYNAX Europe, which is located in Hungary, carried out a press conference relating to their new investment at Hungary’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, announcing their plans to expand production of DYNAX’s paper-based clutch discs.

Through this investment, they will purchase approximately 37,000 m2 of the surrounding land, making the total area of their facilities 57,000 m2. The area that will be used for the factory itself will be 7,725 m2, bumping the total factory area up 12,360 m2.

The number of production lines will increase from 3 to 10, boosting EDE’s paper disc manufacturing capabilities to 75 million units per year. This expanded factory is planned to begin production from January of 2016.

A bird’s-eye view of EXEDY DYNAX Europe’s expanded factory. The additional space added to the factory will be from the dashed red line to the left edge of the building in the image above.